The Kalahari. Derived from the Tswana word Kgala, meaning “the great thirst”. This inspired our brewery to brew fine beer that would quench even the heaviest of thirsts,  with a variety of beers drawing inspiration from the life that has over thousands of years adapted to the harsh arid climate.


We pay tribute to the Gemsbok with our Lager, the animal that has stood the test of time and adapted the harsh climate with its extraordinary cooling system. The Gemsbok is able to survive these harsh conditions thanks to an intricate network of blood vessels called carotid rete, situated in the nose which cools down the blood supplied to the brain. This happens because of the rapid inflow and outflow of air created by the gemsboks panting and therefore protects the gemsbok from deadly temperatures. The Lager brewing technique of cold crashing attributes to our naming of the beer, and the time it takes to produce an outstanding Lager.


Our Weiss pays tribute to one of the deadliest creatures of this magical place, the Puffadder who the San by their own admission “fear greatly” believe the reptile is bonded to rain. The Puffadder thrives in the extremely hot climate and is known as a lazy snake yet it’s deadly and venomous strike is one of the fastest in the snake kingdom. We advise holding our Weiss below the neck, then listen to the hiss as you open the bottle and take in the strikingly crisp flavour as it rains down upon your thirst.


Our IPA tributes the Meerkat, who have adapted to the harsh living conditions of the Kalahari through group teamwork and co-operation. Meerkats are fiesty characters and have been known to risk their lives to protect the young, as survival of the pups is vital to sustaining their social unit. They play an important part in maintaining ecological harmony in the desert. Meerkats are social animals, fun and serious characters. We find this blends well with our IPA being full of fun flavour, but, also a serious thirst quenching beer.


Kalahari Craft Beer is born out of Upington in the Northern Cape, the last large town before you reach the expansive and mystical Kalahari. Renier Baard and his Father also Renier decided in 2016 to bring a brewery to Upington, because they wanted to bring something new and fresh to the people in the area, and tourists making their way to the Kalahari through Upington. Renier initially started with wine, but soon shifted to brewing beer in 2015. Renier says “I find beer far more interesting than wine, the amount of different beers to explore and brew without seasonal boundries.” They decided on the name Kalahari Craft Beer, because the Kalahari’s name itself means “The Great Thirst”, and there is nothing better than beer to quench one’s thirst.


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